14 September 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


What is TheOneCandidate.com ?
TheOneCandidate.com is a web app matching candidates and companies in ASEAN.

How does TheOneCandidate.com work ?
Candidates follow the companies they are interested in joining. Companies follow the candidates they are interested in hiring. Both sides are notified of a potential match. Ultimately, the companies message the candidates to get more information and start a recruitment process.

I have joined and completed my profile. Now what ?
Congratulations! Now, you can follow the candidates or companies you like and get matched.


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Do I have to pay ?
TheOneCandidate.com is completely free for candidates.

Is my profile anonymous ?
Your profile is 100% anonymous. Your name, contact information, resume are not shared with the companies or the other candidates. We present only information useful to the hiring companies such as the responsibilities you can hold, your skills, your availability, etc.

How can I find companies?
Log in to your account and visit the “Find Companies” page. You can search and find here companies according to your preferences. You can follow them to ask for a match.


For Companies

What type of candidates will I find on TheOneCandidate.com ?
You will find professionals and, above all, talented leaders. Most of our pool of candidates has had a previous management experience, but you can also find younger candidates with noticeable ambition and soaring talent.

How can I find candidates ?
Log in to your account and visit the “Find Candidates” page. You can search and find here candidates’ profiles according to your needs. You can message the candidates directly.

How much does it cost ?
The usage of TheOneCandidate.com is free of charge. However if you finally decide to hire a specific candidate, we will request a small fee. The applicable fee is communicated for each candidate on the website after login.

Is TheOneCandidate.com a recruitment agency ?
No. We do not provide services to hire people and we do not propose jobs to job-seekers. We are solely a web platform that connects together candidates and companies. We give them a chance to match and directly chat with each other.

Is TheOneCandidate.com a job board ?
No. Every candidate is unique and the job description should be defined together by the hiring company and the candidate during the internal recruitment process.

Why can’t I see candidate’s identity ?
We guarantee our candidates’ anonymity. Finally, the candidates decide to share their details with you or not. We only show what most companies want and need to see. That way, we can attract passive candidates that can finally feel at ease while job hunting under the radar.

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